Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Strengthening Communities

  • Rijeka (HR)Make Yourself Useful

    A fair for volunteering opportunities.

  • Riga (LV)Medicine to Treat Apathy and Superficiality

    This project team helped with cranberries, an essay competition and a public event in Riga.

  • Belgrade (RS)Umtauschtag

    Exchange in the materialistic and social sense in Belgrade.

Strengthening communities through local networking

A democratic civil society runs on citizenship. This begins with everyday, respectful interactions among people. Many projects motivate people to be more mindful of others in their surroundings. They initiate collective actions, activate existing communities, and build bridges between generations.

Best PracticesMedicine to Treat Apathy and Superficiality

The project team distributed small, homemade medicine boxes on the street and at cultural events. Inside, there was a paper with directions for use: an essay about social equality and a small bag of candy as medicine for apathy. People could make contact with one another and discuss experiences on a homepage and its forum. Participants’ reactions were collected at the end of the project. This project was a contribution to prevent the spread of apathy and to reach out to people in their everyday lives in Latvia.

Best PracticesMake Yourself Useful – Volunteer Fair

“As a student in Rijeka, I always had a lot of free time and wanted to dedicate that time to my city and its needs. How could that have been possible?” From this initial question, Martina Milovec and her team developed the project Make Yourself Useful. In 2011, the volunteer fair gave young people the opportunity to put their free time to good use. Young people participated in the fair and found NGOs to volunteer for. After all, volunteer work can be fun!

Team: Markušić Mihaela, Milovec Martina, Slavuj Vanja, Vidaček Martina (HR)
Place: Rijeka (HR)

Best PracticesMy Environment and Me

This project focused on a normal city block’s everyday, specific environmental problems. It aimed to overcome the general passivity of people living in Albania’s capital city with respect to all collective issues, not just in terms of the environment. The project team directed its efforts to the first step of such work: Attention was drawn to the issue and people were encouraged to consider environmental pollution as the beginning of a long-term active thinking process.

Team Nevila Havaraj, Milena Alliu und Marsilda Havaraj (AL)

Nevila Havaraj

"The project inspired me to change myself."

Nevila, project manager of "My Environment an Me"

Best PracticesBartering Day: What you can get without money...


…and what can you do without money? In a public action in Belgrade, passers-by got excited about another perspective on consumption. The proceeds from the action were donated to an orphanage.

Project director: Marija Ignjatović (RS)