Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Social involvement

  • Sofia 2008Hand in Hand

    Children from an orphanage met with youngsters from a Secondary School and overcame societal barriers.

  • Indjija (RS)Little Eyes See More

    Primary school children from different family backgrounds learn in a creative way how to become tolerant in everyday life.

Taking Responsibility for Others

Social engagement means giving other people a chance. Meeting needs. Helping people find their way in life. Many of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg’s project teams and programs take responsibility for other people in their work.

Best PracticesHand in Hand


In 2008, the team brought youth from a children’s home in Sofia together with youth from a high school. Fitim Sijarina, the initiator of the project who lives in Sofia, had the idea of connecting people from different backgrounds. The young people met four times and learned to overcome communication barriers. On the one hand, they used “traditional” forms of interacting such as sports and rallies. The project team put an emphasis on deeper exchange – for example, one afternoon’s program included handling conflicts and compromises. The groups met alternately at the high school and at the children’s home.

Team Fitim Sijarina (KOS), Fisnik Osmani (KOS), Anita Panayotova (BG), Dessislava Mihailova  (BG) and Milan Jakesevic (BA)

Best PracticesLittle Eyes See More – Male oči vide više

Tolerance is not only a word for Sunday sermons, it is also an uncomplicated virtue. The project evidenced that youth are nevertheless filled with enthusiasm for it. The project team invited ten-year-olds from various familial situations to two workshops. Through fairy tales, creative writing, acting, and drawing, the children learned to act tolerantly in everyday life. Inspired by the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” the students from Indija wrote a new fairy tale, which was then theatrically performed by children from Kragujevac.

Team Nevena Sunajković, Marija Janković, Elena Stojkovska, Milena Nešić, Aleksandra Pajkić, Marija Nijemčević and Nevena Despotović (RS)

Fitim Sijarina

"Even little things help bring people together."

Fitim, project manager of "Hand in Hand" in Sofia (BG)

Nevena Sunajkovic

"Children are very open and communicative. You need patience to work with them, but the results are breath-taking."

Nevena, participant in 2006, mother since 2011.