Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Gender Roles & Equality

  • Belgrade, Maastricht, BerlinStranger - the movie

    A documentary about the rights of sexual minorities in Germany, Serbia and the Netherlands.

  • Tirana (AL)CountryGender

    A German-Albanian encounter between students asks about sexual identity and societal role models.

  • Belgrade (RS)New Perspectives on Womens' Rights

    Young women from Serbia discuss roles and rights and how they want to shape an equal society.

  • Pécs (HU), Wladiwostok (RU)Rainbow Diversity

    A survey and discursive project between Hungary and Russia.

  • Best PracticesCountryGender

    What influence does my gender have on my life? What are “typical male” or “typical female” qualities? And how does this vary from country to country? Following…

Gender Roles and Equality

Gender roles and equality are for a focus for many fellows. They care about equal opportunities and inspire tolerance and respect with regard to minority identities.

MovieStranger – Between Exile and Freedom

What is homosexuality? What role does it play in our society and how do we approach it? This film is a documentary about rights of sexual minorities in Serbia and the Netherlands, two countries with very different cultures. “Stranger” should incite viewers to establish their own ideas from the various perspectives that the film highlights. The film aims to contribute to a public debate about minority rights and has supported the free exchange of opinions as well as the formation of individuals’ own opinions.

Team Marija Basic (RS), Klaus Röhrig (DE)

New Perspectives on Womens' Rights

In 2006, twelve young Serbian women worked on six workshops involving gender issues, preparing themselves by making use of abundant material, listening to presentations / lectures from 10 different speakers, discussing experiences, and expressing their own opinions. They developed their discussion culture and learned new methods. They were emboldened to ask questions about social order and their own prejudices. The project may influence their social and political activity or may also serve as an impetus to begin this type of activity for the first time.

Project Manager Bojana Kovačević (RS)  

Rainbow Diversity

This project involved sexual orientation. Young people in universities were made aware of sexual minorities and provided with a realistic image of them. The aim was to increase acceptance of sexual minorities. Initially, an anonymous questionnaire was given to university students in both Pécs and Vladivostok and the results were compared. Then three parallel events for interested students took place in Pécs and Vladivostok. A film on the issue was shown, the issue was discussed, and information was provided.

Team Dóra Kékesi (HU), Klara Suprunowa (RU)

Dóra Kékesi

"I understood that there’s a long road to travel before misunderstandings with regard to our differences can be solved. Even a small victory counts."

Dóra, project manager of Rainbow Diversity