Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Ecology & Sustainability

  • Omsk (RU)Clean Play - Сыграем чисто!

    Ecological street action and awareness raising workshops.

  • Chisinau (MD)Eco Week - Learn, Do, Connect!

    Activism + Ecology = Learn + do + connect.

  • Tashkent (UZ), Kraków (PL)Look Here! Kids’ Pictures of the Environment

    Environmental Education for children connects youngsters from Poland and Usbekistan.

  • Sofia (BG)RE: Move!

    International encounter and interactive street performances for sustainable development.

Ecology and Sustainable Development

Ecology and sustainability are wide-ranging issues, from global policies to concrete local environmental conditions and education for sustainable development. An attractive topic for the engagement for a lot of civic activists.

Best PracticesСыграем чисто! – Clean Play

In this project, ecology was not seen as a topic of academic discussion. “Out of the university, into the Russian metropolis Omsk” was the project team’s motto. After preparatory workshops, this meant taking one of the actions organized by the participants to the citizens in the streets. Using creative means, the project directed attention to urban pollution. 

Team Tatiana Dubinskaya, Roman Pljuchin, Evgeniya Kabanova (RU)
Location Omsk (RU)

Best PracticesEcoweek: Learn.Do.Connect

This project focused on social passivity and the lack of environmental awareness in Moldova. The diverse program piqued young people’s enthusiasm for the issue of environment and trained multipliers and connected them with environmental NGOs. After five intense days of thematic trainings, excursions, and an eco-cinema night, the participants implemented a small eco-project.

Team Valeria Svart, Elena Zandelova, Elena Lutisina, R. Negura, Vlad Dilion, C. Poleacovschi (MD)
Location Chisinau

Best PracticesLook Here! Kids’ Pictures of the Environment

“Look Here!” is a project that used a creative approach to create enthusiasm for environmental protection in our youngest generation. Children ages 7 to 12 from Kraków (PL) and Tashkent (UZ) took part in a painting competition on environmental problems. In addition to painting, environmental actions were also carried out and enthusiasm for the respective countries was encouraged.

Team Nadira Muchamedowa (UZ), Agnieszka Fuerst (PL)
Location Poland/Usbekistan

Best PracticesNever Forget: Conserve Energy!

Energy conservation and the use of alternative energy is a peripheral issue in Uzbekistan society. Especially in student housing, energy is wasted every day. In order to counteract this, the project team initially organized a seminar on local and global energy conservation. Afterward, the residents of the house were informed about an action week and motivated to make conscious use of energy. 

Team Izzat Khushbakov, Khayitov Shakhboz, Elmurodov Aziz, Khayot Khamroqulov (UZ)
Place Tashkent (UZ)

Best PracticesRE:Move – Set Your Environment into Motion!

In Sofia in 2006, this project used street performances to create awareness of environmental problems. Young people from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Germany took part in the project.

Team Agnes Curcic Asodi (MN), Oana Muntean (RO), Katharina Neumann (DE), Yanina Tanewa (BG)
Location Sofia (BG)