Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Creative Spaces

  • Ruse (BG)Open the Curtain – Close Your Wallet

    Romanian-Bulgarian theatre project for young people.

  • Mostar (BA)Balkans Theatre

    A all-Balkans theatre workshop about identity, peace and future perspectives.

  • Berlin (DE)Politics as an art

    A creative workshop around politics, civil society and involvement, facilitated with the power of art.

Shaping Creative Spaces

Space for visions and energy for creativity. Project teams value the importance of creating creative space whereby individuals are encouraged to release their energy and imagination. They hape spaces for change through performances, theater, films, or visual art.

Best PracticesBalkans Theatre

Young people from Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia addressed stereotypes and prejudices in a theater piece. After the theater workshop in Mostar, photo exhibitions were organized in Serbia and Kosovo. An internet blog supported intercultural communication.

Team Darijo Višević (HR/DE), Elma Topuz (BA), Milica Milenković (RS), Mimoza Surdulli (KOS)
Location Mostar (BA)

Best PracticesOpen the Curtain – Close Your Wallet

This project’s goals were to address the issue of “consumption” and to facilitate exchange between Romanian and Bulgarian youth. Initially, the groups met in separate workshops in two locations. Later they collectively developed a theater piece in the Romanian-Bulgarian border city Ruse.

Team Silvena Garelova (BG), Andrea Zsigmond (RO)
Location Ruse (BG)

Best PracticesPolitics as an Art

Fifteen students worked with the main features of politics and civil society and the reasons why it is important to engage with them. Through the use of art, the participants expressed how they experience what is and how they imagine what should be.

Team Devid Mrusek, Björn Stephan (DE)
Place Berlin (DE)