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Azerbaijan | Program Language: AzerbaijaniTime for Development

Time for Development empowers and qualifies young people from Azerbaijan to foster social dialogue and to develop civil society. Through its activities, the program supports the efforts of Azerbaijani civil society to strengthen the youth movement in the country's regions. 

Every year 25 participants from all over Azerbaijan attend three seminars. They learn practically how to foster social dialogue, get trained on project management and practice different ways of social participation. On that basis, they implement small projects in their cities or regions.

In 2013, 20 participants implemented eight projects dealing with fighting stereotypes, promoting youth activism and addressing unemployment.

Partners and Support

Time for Development is supported by the German Foreign Office and is conducted in cooperation with “Education” Public Support Association of Youth of Azerbaijan (EPSAYA).

Naila Ismayilova

Nurana Mamedova

Namaz Kerimov


Sebastian Wehrsig

Program Manager


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Time for Development

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