Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Mosta9bali

Mosta9bali - Crossing Over for a Better Future for Tunisia 

The newest program of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg, Mosta9bali aims to inspire and empower youth ages 16-20 from Tunisia to become active citizens with the skills to shape Tunisia's future. Youth make up 70 percent of Tunisia's population, and in the waves of radical transformation that have occurred in the last five years, Tunisia's youth have the critical opportunity to make positive change in their local communities and decide the future of Tunisia.

Launching in July 2017, Most9bali will bring 100 youth from the regions of Djerba and Gabes together to learn skills and gain experience in civic activism and inclusion. Over the course of three seminars, participants will learn skills in civic activism and democratic values, form teams, and implement social projects together. 

The program will be implemented as a joint project of MitOst and the Association Jlij pour l'Environment Marin.

Najoua Ben Khemis

Faical Ghzail

Monika Nikzentaitis-Stobbe

Coordinator Quality Management