Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Live History Workshop


Live History Workshop

Live history Workshop is an non-formal educational program that encourages young people to work with relevant historical issues that require public discussion and critical reflection. Our mission is to increase the level of understanding in Ukrainian society about our history and particular historical events, encourage a culture of critical thinking, create sensitivity to stories from many perspectives, and shape the network of active people who work with the public history.

The program is a platform for mutual learning and rethinking, where each participant independently bears responsibility for their learning process and its outcomes. Participants implement projects that are tools for research on the history of alternative paths, the development of dialogue in local communities, and the implementation of changes on the ground. The program is jointly implemented by MitOst e.V. and Insha Osvita in the scope of project "Dialogue for change" with the friendly support of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Live History Workshop


Alona Karavai

Programm Manager


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Malwina Fendrych

Program Officer


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