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Armenia | Program language: ArmenianEcoLab

Empower young Armenians to change their local community by fostering sustainable development – this is the mission of EcoLab.

Every year 50 persons learn about sustainable ways of living, democracy and project management in the seminars of EcoLab. On that basis, participants implement their own projects in small teams in their cities and villages.

In 2015, 48 participants of EcoLab implemented 17 projects all over Armenia. These projects focused on sustainable local economy, non-formal education and community mobilization.

Partners and Support

EcoLab's partners are Armenian Progressive Youth, the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, Peace Dialogue, Syunik Benevolent NGO and Journalists’ Club Asparez.

The program is supported by the German Foreign Office and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.



Sebastian Wehrsig

Program Manager


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Country: Armenia

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