Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Culture[Active]




The program Culture[Active] from Ulyanovsk on the Volga River supports young people in bringing their cultural projects to life and becoming socially active.

Network of Cultural Clubs

For this purpose a Network of Cultural Clubs from many different small towns from the region was created. In these clubs there is inspiration and support for active youth aged 14 to 17 years old. During the two week-long seminars, the participants can learn the basics of project and cultural management. After the seminars, they are to implement their own cultural projects in their home towns, with the support of their local Club.

Workshop on Social Innovation

Since April 2017, Culture[Active] has been offering a program for slightly older youth of Ulyanovsk. In the "Workshop on Social Innovation", young adults aged 18 to 24 are learning how to see their surroundings with fresh eyes and to develop a sense for social topics. What social problems are there, and how are they to be solved in a sustainable way? The participants develop ideas, shaped through and accompanied within the framework of an educational program. The final step is the implementation of their social and innovative projects, that aim at making their towns and lives of their citizens more pleasant.

Partners and Supporters

Culture[Active] cooperates closely with the MIZ (Youth Initiative Center) Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk City Government.