Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Balkans, let's get up!

  • Balkans, let's get up!

    Make a change in your society.

  • Balkans, let's get up!

    Learn project management.

  • Balkans, let's get up!

    Find friends from all over the Balkans.

  • Balkans, let's get up!

    Make a change in your society. Learn project management. Find friends from all over the Balkans.

South Eastern Europe | Program Language: EnglishBalkans, let's get up!

A program for young people between 18 and 27 from South Eastern Europe. The program is realized in cooperation with the "Balkans, let's get up!" organization.

Strengthening Active Citizenship in the Balkans Region

The people in the Balkan region have many cultural and political similarities that provide a huge potential for closer cooperation. A fundamental openness in personal relationships is offset by low social trust. Free-thinking and reflection are still hardly embedded in the traditional educational system. We motivate, qualify, and empower young people from 18-27 from eleven Balkan countries to act and make a difference in their communities. Those young people who got the motivation, creative ideas and visions for their societies are encouraged to move from being active on the grassroots' level to engage politically or work in non-governmental organizations.

How It Works

At the International Spring School on active citizenship, 50 participants between the age of 18 to 27 from eleven Balkan countries gathered to learn about civic activism, discuss relevant social topics, and share their best practices and experiences. The Spring Schools focus on major social issues that concern youngsters.

During the Spring Schools the participants get in touch with new ideas and experts. They develop their own ideas for their future activities through active consulting and support by our teams. 

In a phase of project implementation they put their ideas into practice and receive support through training, low budget funding and a reflective meeting.

Our Aims

  • Strengthen principles of active citizenship in the Balkan region through providing civic education to young adults and motivating them to take responsibility, and get civically involved;
  • Promote a culture of responsible leadership through building the capacity of active youth in the Balkan region to be committed citizens;
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation, solidarity, and mutual support among active citizens, civic organizations, and initiatives on the Balkans.

Balkans, let's get up! Organisation


Sebastian Wehrsig

Program Manager


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