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Providing programs and conducting training is a responsible task. Therefore we must ensure, that we act in any part of our qualification concept according to our ethical values, our mission and our high standards.

Training for Facilitators

Grassroots' participation in development is a central principle in civil society. Therefore THK incorporates the participatory development principle into our training. Facilitators work with participants to let out their inner full individual potential. Participants contribute and benefit from the learning process by setting goals, choosing methods and asking questions. All these activities are done in an encouraging learning environment: Best Practice

Our training programs for facilitators in non-formal education combine

  • Participation in training,
  • Learning supervision with an experienced  supervisor,
  • Practice as a facilitator.

Facilitator Pool

The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg disposes a manifold international trainer pool. These facilitators have passed a specific training program and provide trainings of a high qualitative standard. An important characteristic of these trainings is the peer group approach and a great variety of methodological and thematic innovations due to the cooperation in many different teams.


Sebastian Wehrsig

Program Manager


language DE, EN, BG
t +49 30 315174-82
f +49 30 315174-71

skype sebastian.wehrsig_mitost


Check out our handbooks for facilitators: Materials

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