Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Project Activists

  • PeopleProject Activists: Social involvement

    Public involvement means to overtake responsibility for others.

  • PeopleProject Activists: Strengthening networks and including other people

    Fellows induce change by building new networks, actively involving other people.

  • PeopleProject Activists: Gender roles and equality

    Gender roles and equality are for a lot of fellows a focus. They care about equal chances and enforce tolerance and respect regarding often excluded identities.

  • PeopleProject Activists: Ecology and Sustainable Development

    Ecology and sustainability are wide-ranging, from global policies to concrete local environmental conditions and education for sustainable development.

  • PeopleProject Activists: Shaping creative spaces

    Space for visions and energy for creativity  - this is what a vivid civil society needs. But often we talk too much and experience or try less. Some project…

Project Activists

Active Citizenship has two main aspects. It is about activity and it is about the idea of citizenship. Our fellows combine both: They do project work and change their society. And they do it voluntariliy and regarding to values like oppenness, transparency, respect.

The core of their volunteer projects is the desire to change something in their own living environment. The topics they choose are self-determined and varied: ecology, working with minorities and a commitment to marginalized social groups, co-determination at the university or improving the living conditions of young people are among the most frequent areas of engagement. Read on: Best Practices

In the programs of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg the fellows develop their skills for civil involvement. Through practical service learning they gain those competencies needed for susccessful public involvement.

Best PracticesHow do the projects look concrete?

See some examples for the ideas and impact of the volunteer project teams. Read on

Monika Nikzentaitis-Stobbe

"The greatest challenge of project work is awakening enthusiasm and discovering your own goals."

Monika is a facilitator and a learning supervisor for facilitators.