Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: About us

  • About usOur Empowerment Approach

    Our four-step empowerment model proves itself in a variety of thematic and cultural contexts.



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  • About usOur Empowerment Approach

    Explore your passion, develop creative ideas, and put your initiative into practice.

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  • About usOur Mission

    Learn about the impact, values, methods and organization of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg.

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  • About usPeople

    The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg is an international network, based in Berlin where the headquarter office is. However our supported activists, coordinators, and alumni…

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  • About usWhere we work

    Together with partners in our focus regions, we offer programs in the field of active citizenship education. Find out where we are active.

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  • About usHistory

    Since 2001 the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg has been supporting young people who endeavor to become active-responsible citizens.

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About the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg

The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg supports young people who are determined to engage as pro-active and self-reliant citizens. Our tools encompass seminars, alternative education/ tacit knowledge, backing voluntary projects and providing mentorship programs.

We accompany our fellows over several months: In seminars, like-minded young people have the chance to discuss social themes and develop ideas for their first projects.

Voluntary Initiatives

The core of a voluntary initiative is the desire to change something in our own local community. The topics are self-determined and varied. Among the most common areas of engagement are ecology, working with minorities, commitment to socially marginalized groups, co-determination at the university or improving the living conditions of young people.  Best Practices


In order to enhance our fellows' individual competencies, they take part in training on project management, fundraising and communication skills. Former fellows share their experience with new fellows to help them successfully launch and implement their projects on the ground. This includes how to attract additional supporters for their projects from the public administration, local businesses, and civil society.

Our qualifications concept allows us to concentrate on the personal development of the individual through strengthening their social skills and their ability to assume responsibility. In our focus regions we work together with partners in local or cross-border partnership programs.  Read on: Our Empowerment Approach

Democratic Civic Engagement 

We promote a culture of active citizenship, which for us stands for transparency, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality-approach and social responsibility. The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation and the MitOst e. V.  Read on: Our Mission

Get in touchThe Berlin Office

MitOst e. V.
Herzbergstraße 82-84
10365 Berlin

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Theodor Heuss

"The external freedom of the many grows from the internal freedom of the individual."

President of Federal Germany 1949-1959