Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg: Cooperation Programs

  • CooperationCivic Engagement Workshop

    The program connects activists from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

  • Civic Engagement Workshop

    The program connects activists from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

  • Civic Engagement Workshop

    The program is implemented through a team of coordinators and facilitators from all three program countries.

  • CooperationKhatwa

    Khatwa empowers youth from different regions of Egypt.

  • CooperationKhatwa

    Khatwa empowers youth from different regions of Egypt

Culture of Cooperation

Partnership does not depend on the size of the partners, but rather on the benefits that emerge for participants out of such partnership. That is why we work with partners of different sizes and orientations. They range from regional administrations to small non-governmental organizations, from educational institutions to voluntary activists.

Ukraine, Poland, BelarusCivic Engagement Workshop

In 2008, facilitators in the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg initiated pilot projects in the Ukrainian cities Rivne and Donezk. Young people of these regions developed their own voluntary project ideas and received support to implement them.  The interest of various partners from NGOs such as the Foundation for Regional Initiatives or the Donezk Alliance and public administrations and foundations made it possible to expand the program to the regions of Cherkasy, Kharkiv and to Crimea. At the same time, engaged former participants acquired experiences and disseminated the idea of civic engagement.

As a second step the project coordinators sought partners from other neighboring countries. In Poland interested facilitators and alumni of the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg joined the project and brought diversified organizational backgrounds into cooperation. In Belarus other partners joined. At the moment the program has a huge network of individuals and organizations, which makes it active despite the fact that the current political crisis in Ukraine hit the program fundamentally. Nevertheless, "now or never" seems to be the informal slogan that motivates the stakeholders to move on.

An important follow-up step towards the program development was accomplished in 2014. Around 200 participants will be involved in a program under the title of "Dialogue for Change".

The Civic Engagement Workshop is a distinguished source of innovation. The coordinators and facilitators participating in the workshop support other programs with their first steps. They share methodological knowledge and invite other facilitators and experts from similar organizations specialized in civic engagement. The workshop becomes a productive platform for aspiring new program ideas since it presents a wide range of experiences, different organizational backgrounds, openings for voluntary engagement and methodological empowerment approaches.

EgyptKhatwa - the first step into civil involvement

Together with the Egyptian partner El Sadat Association for Welfare and Development the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg started a program in Egypt. Both partners share the idea, to offer a civic education program for people with very different backgrounds and skills. Not only those from Cairo, but those from other regions of the country should profit as well.

As a result different facilitators represent the diversity within the Khatwa team - from activists to already experienced trainers, from people with a political involvement background to those with grassroot project experience. After a first year in English language the program seeks to take a next step. From participants grow mentors and new facilitators. And then the program will be conducted in Arabic language.